Instructions for Accessing

US Soccer Referee Information Website


The following instructions are for your use in accessing the US Soccer Referee information website.

  • You will be responsible for checking this site at least 2 weeks prior to each game to verify that all information contained there is correct.
  • If you find a conflict, contact your league manager immediately!
  • Check this site regularly to make sure any and all change requests you’ve put forth have been made. Also remember, the officials are trained to use what they find on the web, and NOT what they hear from a local source.

Team Administration or Liaison



Go to (you are there already). This will take you to the main menu page (see below). Scroll down the page until you find the link for Team Administration and/or Liaison. Click on the soccer ball or highlighted text



The Team Administration or Liaison link will take you to the log in page where you will need to put in your team ID number and password. Type these into the appropriate fields (not case sensitive). Click on the logon button.



A successful logon will take you to a page that shows your team name. Click on the Go to Team Menu button.

If there is an error, you will get an error message. If this happens, please call Natalie Aya in the USL office for further instructions. (813) 963-3909. Or… clicking on her name will generate an e-mail to her.



Clicking on the Go to Team Menu button, you will now see the following page. From this page you will be able to access all the various information needed for your upcoming games. Details to follow in individual sections.

To View Full Schedule

Click on the View Full Schedule button and it will bring up both your home and away games, without referee assignments. This is what you need to check initially to make sure the schedule posted matches your schedule. Remember, referees are trained to show up to the place listed on the web, at the time listed on the web. Therefore, it is your responsibility to provide us with a check of the information. If there are ANY discrepancies, please notify your league manager IMMEDIATELY! Check your schedule weekly and verify it several weeks out to avoid last minute changes.

This is also the area to select for coaches/GM to create the "Coaches Evaluation of Referees" report online.


To View Home Schedule and Referee Assignments

Click on the Home Team Schedule, Refs Shown button. This will take you to your home schedule with the officials who have been assigned through the date listed. This will give you the opportunity to check a second time to make sure that all of the details listed for the game are correct. This is when you want to check at least two weeks in advance in order to not have the additional change fee instituted against your team if a change is made within 7 days of the game. Again, if there are any discrepancies, notify your league manager immediately!


Information on Individual Officials

If you would like to get any information on the officials listed for your match, you can then take the names listed and put them into the database.

This will provide you with phone numbers should the referee not have contacted the team five days in advance of the game to make hotel arrangements or other items that need discussed with the team. Your referee liaison (or staff person) will then be able to contact him directly.


Topics of Interest to Teams

Lastly, you can look up information about various topics through the Selected Target Audience Topics. Clicking on the Officials area will bring up items of particular interest to officials. If you do this, look for the 2001 MLS, and USL Referee’s Manual. WUSA manuals will follow.



Have fun playing on the site. If you encounter any problems, please contact the appropriate league coordinator.